Saturday, November 27, 2010

Is Real or is it Reality TV?

This subject matter of today’s blog is my opinion, if it disturbs you, stop reading it.

Welcome to the day after. Are your feet tired, your pocket book empty? Is the little magnetic stripe on your credit card so worn you can see through it? If the answers are yes, no one told you to get up so damn early and go shopping!

I thought my wife was crazy when she looked at me Thursday night and asked if we were going to wake up at 4 am to go shopping. I just stared at her like she was nuts, but thank the maker she was teasing. She seems to do that a lot. I am almost used to it – but still it is difficult to know when she is teasing.

For instance, yesterday when she came back from getting her nails done – her one addiction, every month she spends a little money on herself and gets fake nails glued onto her finger tips and painted however she feels like painting them. I really don’t mind it, it just worries me when she sits on the couch and files them, making them sharper! OUCH! Sorry, let me get back on track. Anyway, I came downstairs to join her and the step daughter as they started surfing our wonderful cable channels to find something on. (Over 100 channels – nothing but crap!) Unfortunately- the only thing they found to watch was a show called Jerseylicious.

I don’t know who came up with the idea for this show – but I think they should be shot for lack of good taste. But I think that about all reality TV shows. Jerseylicious is not a show about a bakery in New Jersey; it is about a beauty parlor. These women that work there have the most atrocious make up – there eyes look like something out of Cleopatra. (Yeah – it looks good on Mrs. Taylor – but ladies – that aint you.) Have you ever noticed that when cameras roll some people act more stupid than they really are – with these ladies I’m sure that wasn’t difficult to do. After 5 hours of the marathon even my wife decided she had enough. She says she only watches these things because they make her look smart. I am pretty sure I grew a few brain cells during that experience, hopefully they will stick around.

I never understood the attraction of reality TV shows. Why do we seem to like it when people act stupid? It is like Survivor, you know that when the show is over they go sit in their fancy hotel rooms and laugh at all the sucker that think it is real. Just kidding – I know it is real. But why would you even want to do that? There must be something to human nature that enjoys surviving by the skin of your teeth, being attacked constantly, and that is just from the other contestants. All that for ten minutes of fame.

I am so glad they killed Fear Factor – even the commercials were disgusting. And what about American Idol? (I know this is everyone’s fav, and please forgive me – I am just speaking my mind.) I admit, I usually watch the first few weeks – because it is actually funny. Can you honestly believe that the people that get up there think they can sing – and no has told them they can’t! That is just cruel. I tell my kids they can’t sing all the time. I believe during the auditions they find about 25 people that can sing worse than a cat being strangled just so they have their ratings. That’s what it is all about right? Ratings – the main cause of the downfall of Television.

There are a lot of things wrong with TV now days. The following is just a small sample.
1) How long can you break out of prison? (Prison Break)
2) To any good guy that is trying to catch the bad guy as he runs away – just shoot them in the leg, trust me, they won’t get far.
3) DNA results do not take 60 minutes.
4) You cannot pick a safe by listing to the tumblers. Source: Mythbusters
5) An electromagnetic watch will not deflect a bullet. Source; Mythbusters (Wait – that’s a James Bond movie. Those are always true.)
6) Drinking coffee will not make you sober if you are drunk. Source; Mythbusters

At least in the real world – but I know that a lot of times, as a writer you have to engage the audiences imagination – that’s why I like writing Science Fiction – it might sound extraordinary – but no one knows what the future holds, unless you write it yourself.

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