Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Teenspeak I

This was not going to be my subject today, but it’s my blog, and I will do what is necessary to scare attract my readers.
As I sat at work today, reading “Is it Just me or Is everyone a Little Nuts!” (Great book, made me laugh today when I really needed it.) I got a text message from my 21 year old step son;
               “im gonna whoop andy.”
(Notice the spelling – took practice to get it just right.) With many thoughts going through my head there was only so much I could actually say to this. With as much time as he spends behind a computer screen I wasn’t sure if ‘andy’ was real or a net friend, so I said the 5th thing that came into my head,
               “Who is that and why?”
               He replied back, “the ginger”
For a whole 15 seconds I’m trying my best to understand this statement, wondering just what a “ginger” is, and wondering why he wanted to take out his aggressions on a bottle of spice. Understand, I am 53, I am proud that I have lived this long and am still going strong, and I have also experienced two different sets of the “Teens” but I was still a little lost. 
Okay, very lost. Among our house hold are 5 hounds, three whippets and two Italian greyhounds. One of the IG’s does have a ginger color, sort of and his name is very close to “andy” (Ator) so I was a little concerned but I didn’t wish to bother his mom at work.
I replied, “Are you talking about one of the dogs”
I went through the next two hours waiting for a response. I never did receive one.
When I arrived home his car was gone so I assumed he went to handle his problem, but his sister, 19 years old and very knowledgeable at Teenspeak, was home.
“Where’s Jake?” I asked, pulling her attention away from the video game she was immersed in,
“I don’t know.”
“Does he have a friend named ‘Andy’ and why would he want to whoop him?’
“I don’t know.”
She was a big help. I then read off the text message that he sent me, following with the question, “What is a ginger?”
She laughed and then explained it to me. A ‘ginger’ is a kid with red head, real pale complexion blue eyes and freckles.
Then to my surprise Jake comes bouncing in the door, I asked, “Have fun?”
“Yeap!” he answers as he bounces up the steps – I won’t see him till dinner time.
But my mind is still reeling, why ginger for a skinny red haired pale kid with freckles. Then it hit me, Gilligan’s Island, Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. I grew up on that show – can’t seem to watch it now but every episode has been run into the ground by every channel including the TV channel. Now I had it. Who says you can’t learn anything from watching TV. (oops, see comment below)

UPDATE: He actually was not going to ‘whoop’ any one, he went to ‘scoop’ him. Scoop = Pick up.
You are never too old to learn!


  1. Ginger comes from South Park. :)

  2. Ahh, my age is showing, I don't watch South Park and when I am home it is not aloud to be on any TV.

  3. I academically got the ginger reference (from South Park, but it's been used on Dr. Who, too) but didn't connect it with the text you describe. Good for you for having the patience to have it all translated and resolved.

  4. Thanks Ben, it is a little difficult to hold on to my sanity, but I manage occasionally

  5. "Ginger" is slang for redhead in Britain. A ginger tom is what we call a marmalade cat in the USA. Where we would call a redhead Red or Carrots, they would call him/her Ginger.

    Marian Allen